“... art can change society, perhaps not permanently, but towards a new and subsequent utopia. Art is a space where not only value notions are discussed, but where provisional social models may be implemented to be seen, analyzed and, in the best of cases, copied by other disciplines and bodies in society, which will be the ones to negotiate their permanence and executive status.”
(Tania Bruguera)

Alejandro Vidal
When it rains, all shines black

Alejandro Vidal - When it rains, all shines black

February 28 – April 11, 2010

Opening reception: Sunday, February 28, 7-9pm

From February 28 through April 11, 2010, When it rains, all shines black, the first U.S. solo exhibition of Barcelonabased artist Alejandro Vidal will be presented at PARTICIPANT INC.

Known for his large-format photographs, videos, and installations that assert a post-cinematic aesthetic of conflict, seen through a generational lens that distinguishes the obsolescence of transgression in societies obsessed with control, the exhibition will consist of new works in photography and video.

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