“... art can change society, perhaps not permanently, but towards a new and subsequent utopia. Art is a space where not only value notions are discussed, but where provisional social models may be implemented to be seen, analyzed and, in the best of cases, copied by other disciplines and bodies in society, which will be the ones to negotiate their permanence and executive status.”
(Tania Bruguera)

Majorana Eigenstates @ international festival “Cinema di Frontiera” 2009

Majorana Eigenstates by Marco Poloni

The Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Frontiera (www.cinemadifrontiera.it), that successfully takes place since nine years in the old fishing village of Marzamemi (Siracusa) in the southern tip of Sicily, includes off-program “Majorana Eigenstates,” an experimental film by the Italo-Swiss artist Marco Poloni (HD video, 2008, 46min). This film belongs to “The Majorana Experiment," a speculative exploration of the vanishing at sea, in 1938, of the outstanding physicist born in Catania.
The screening will take place in the Arab courtyard of Marzamemi on Saturday, July 25, after midnight (probably at 00:30). Entrance is free.

This festival is known for the interest of its artistic choices and for its delightful environment, with open-air screenings at different locations in close vicinity, without the risk of cancellations due to bad weather.
We would also like to mark the interesting proximity of Marzamemi to the laboratories of project NEMO (NEutrino Mediterranean Observatory) – with which the National Institute of Nuclear Physics is exploring the nature of neutrinos and muons, those subatomic particles that reach us from black holes and other remote objects of intergalactic space.
Already in the 30s Ettore Majorana studied neutrinos. This research is now carried out in ideal conditions thanks to an observatory located 3500 meters below the sea level offshore Capo Passero, a maritime site chosen because of the limpidity of its waters.

The film will be presented at Marzamemi by Riccardo Lisi, art critic and co-curator of Marco Poloni's next project, to be shot in Sicily in May 2010.

further info about the film

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