“... art can change society, perhaps not permanently, but towards a new and subsequent utopia. Art is a space where not only value notions are discussed, but where provisional social models may be implemented to be seen, analyzed and, in the best of cases, copied by other disciplines and bodies in society, which will be the ones to negotiate their permanence and executive status.”
(Tania Bruguera)

“Hell is a place where memory is dead”
by Alejandro Vidal

“Hell is a place where memory is dead” by Alejandro Vidal

September 21 until
October 21, 2009

Galleria ARTRA
via Burlamacchi, 1
20135 MILAN (view the map)

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Monday, September 21st Galleria Artra and PLAY_platform for film & video present the exhibition of the Spanish artist Alejandro Vidal. With the exhibition Hell is a place where memory is dead Vidal is back again in Milan after his exhibition Un tiro a todos los diablos that in 2004, has made him known to the Italian public.

With this exhibition Galleria Artra began a collaboration with PLAY that after years of activity in Berlin, is now based in Italy.

Controversial for an aesthetic of violence, outrageous and stylish at the same time, Alejandro Vidal has produced in recent years, photographic series and videos that are now found in major international exhibitions. Rave and techno scenarios, the emotional punk-rock community, rituals of fight and self-defense, urban tribes with shaved heads and tattoos, black metal costumes and ambiguously sexual poses, are part of the visual spectrum of his work. A collection of fallen heroes comes to that challenge in a face to face with the viewer with hockey sticks in hand, leather gloves, guns, and swords between their teeth.

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