“... art can change society, perhaps not permanently, but towards a new and subsequent utopia. Art is a space where not only value notions are discussed, but where provisional social models may be implemented to be seen, analyzed and, in the best of cases, copied by other disciplines and bodies in society, which will be the ones to negotiate their permanence and executive status.”
(Tania Bruguera)

FAIR_PLAY Film & Video Award at LOOP’10

FAIR_PLAY Film & Video Award at LOOP’10In its eighth year, LOOP has established itself as an international meeting point for people interested in video art and an annual event that attracts a large number of contemporary art professionals to Barcelona.

The festival is a network-based project in and for the city, made possible thanks to numerous collaborations, spirit of complicity, and the generous involvement of artists, curators, galleries, universities, venues, platforms and also collectors, transforming Barcelona's city centre into a huge video art showcase accessible to all kinds of audiences.

LOOP’s International Program of Festivals sets up collaborations with key international festivals and invites them to be present in Barcelona.
The Festivals contribute to enrich LOOP’s Forum and Program with special selections of videoworks and thanks to the presence of organizers, artists and curators.
This year, 19 festivals from 14 countries will be present at LOOP.

FAIR_PLAY Film & Video Award screening:
Friday 21 of May, 5 p.m.
Sala Forum, Media Lounge
Hotel Catalonia Ramblas.
Pelai, 28
Tel. +34 93 316 8400

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