“... art can change society, perhaps not permanently, but towards a new and subsequent utopia. Art is a space where not only value notions are discussed, but where provisional social models may be implemented to be seen, analyzed and, in the best of cases, copied by other disciplines and bodies in society, which will be the ones to negotiate their permanence and executive status.”
(Tania Bruguera)

Fine Arts Unternehmen at
Arts Libris 2010 Fair in Barcelona

Fine Arts Unternehmen at Arts Libris 2010 Fair in Barcelona

Fine Arts Unternehmen will participate at Arts Libris 2010 Fair
in Barcelona from 22 till 25 April, 2010.

Arts Libris is a project organized by Arts Santa Mònica Raiña Lupa and Fundació Comunicació Gràfica with the aim of promoting and publicizing the artist’s edition in the field of art and graphic experimentation and providing a meeting point for professionals and enthusiasts, producers and collectors in the context of Sant Jordi International Day of the Book.

The artist’s edition has a wealth of facets, possibilities and outcomes but there is a series of defining values that is common to all in the conception of the book as a piece of art or graphic experimentation, the painstaking care of the edition, the choice of papers, bindings and so on. The decision to set quality above commercial interests and the emphasis on direct contact with the buyer are the hallmarks of a collective that embraces art, craft, design, graphic arts and bookbinding and at the same time constitutes a significant productive sector with a long tradition and considerable influence in Catalonia.

Arts Libris is a meeting point for professionals and interested amateurs, and will host a couple of small exhibitions, round-tables, talks and book presentations.

During the four days of the Book Fair Arts Santa Mònica will be a place of constant activity, meetings and exchanges, and aims in time to become a major event for the sector. Arts Libris is conceived as a cross between a marketplace, an exhibition and a mini-conference.

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